Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Snap Marketing?

Snap Marketing is a consultancy that offers small and medium companies professional support and assistance linked to all aspects of marketing and product management. Activities and interventions are aimed at making an immediate and positive impact to their bottom line.

It was founded in April 2019 by Wade Venter, a highly skilled and effective marketing and product professional, who has significant business experience across the fields of marketing management, product management and business development.

2. How can Snap Marketing help my company to satisfy my customer’s needs?

The solutions that Snap Marketing builds are delivered though the development and execution of relevant and applicable marketing strategies, products and services. Each initiative we present is aimed at satisfying the needs of our client’s identified target markets and to provide beneficial results for our clients.

3. What can I be assured of in my dealings with Snap Marketing?

As a client of Snap Marketing, you are assured of effective plans and tactical actions aimed at achieving your unique company objectives. These include customer acquisition, improved profitability or market expansion propositions that will ensure that sustainable business advantages are achieved over your competitors.

4. How will Snap Marketing deliver on my general marketing or product management requirements?

Snap Marketing will, through recognised marketing and product management techniques, processes and methodologies, assist clients to define, measure and qualify the market potential of their products and services to clearly identified market segments in a focussed manner.

5. Can you give me some examples of the type of support that I could expect to receive with regards to general marketing services?

As an example, the following marketing services may be included in your dealings with Snap Marketing:

  • The analysis of your business and operational environments including customers, competitors and linked market trends, through necessary research and evaluation to identify business improvement opportunities
  • The identification of business, product or service opportunities and as well as prospects for enhancements or growth
  • The provision of marketing strategy plans, market segmentation and the identification of target market opportunities
  • The development and execution of marketing plans and linked budgets
  • The identification and delivery of integrated marketing communications strategies
  • The development and implementation of marketing campaigns to drive customer acquisition and improve revenue
  • The implementation and development of above and below-the-line marketing support including public relations and press support, and the procurement and supply of promotional materials

6. In addition to general marketing services, does Snap Marketing specialise in any other functions or business disciplines?

Absolutely! In addition to providing bespoke marketing services to our clients, Snap Marketing also provides expert advice, consultation, coaching and training linked to the critical field of product management.

7. Why does Snap Marketing focus on product management?

With more individuals and organisations beginning to recognise the importance of implementing sound product management principles, practices and frameworks to manage their products, Snap Marketing can assist to ensure that this is done successfully in constantly changing business environments.

8. What can I expect Snap Marketing to focus on to benefit my business with regards to product management?

Snap Marketing focuses on several key areas when dealing with the business-critical discipline of product management including:

  • New product development.
  • Product launch planning and activation
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Business case reviews and development
  • Product strategies
  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Competitor Analysis

9. Does Snap Marketing offer product management training?

Snap Marketing offers best-in-class certified product management training to individuals and organisations and has been appointed as a prestigious Authorised Training Partner of the Association of International Product Marketing and Management. By presenting both theoretical and practical training, we guarantee that understanding of the concepts, principles and processes linked to the entire product lifecycle is maximised. In addition to this, our trainers are skilled product management, brand management and marketing management practitioners who are highly experienced in their fields.

10. Why should I choose an AIPMM Certification Programme as a professional qualification?

Founded in 1998, the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) is the world’s largest professional organisations of product managers, brand managers, product marketing managers and other individuals responsible for guiding their organisations and clients through a constantly changing business landscape. With thousands of members in over 65 countries, all AIPMM’s Certifications are ISO/ANSI compliant and are the most recognised and respected certifications available.

By obtaining AIPMM Certification, you demonstrate that you have truly mastered your product management profession and clearly understand both the strategic and the tactical functions of product marketing and management. It is also an indication of your commitment to product management and marketing as a profession.

11. Are AIPMM Certifications internationally recognised?

AIPMM Certifications are internationally recognised and are easily transferable between industries, market segments and geographic locations. They can open the door to more opportunities for career advancement. AIPMM has provided certifications for over 20 years, and our CPM and CPMM credentials were the first ones designed specifically for product managers and marketing managers.

The AIPMM is also the custodian of the Product Management and Marketing Body of Knowledge (ProdBOK) which is the standard for successful product management practices around the world.

12. How will I benefit my career and future growth prospects when I successfully complete an AIPMM Certification programme?

Our graduates improve and increase their product skill set, effectiveness and credibility and can demonstrate a deep understanding and knowledge of product marketing and management. These qualifications ensure that they differentiate themselves from their peers and demonstrate dedication to the product management and marketing profession.

13. What AIPMM Certification programmes are delivered by Snap Marketing?

Snap Marketing currently offers four courses with certification designations. These are:

  • Certified Product Manager (CPM)
  • Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM)
  • Certified Innovation Leader (CIL) and
  • Certified Brand Manager (CBM)

All Certifications are compliant with ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024:2012, which is the general requirement for bodies operating certification programs and the benchmark for quality.

It is important to note that once training is concluded, Snap Marketing can provide ongoing support through coaching or consulting services.

14. What industry does Snap Marketing focus on?

With significant experience gathered in the retail banking, FMCG and lottery industries, Snap Marketing is positioned to offer expertise and in-depth insights to prospective clients within these industries. It is, however noted, that Snap Marketing will, through research and analysis, develop an expert understanding of other industries where required to, maximise value for clients who deal with our company.

15. What is the background of the of the founder of Snap Marketing?

With over 35 years of working experience, Wade is a skilled and effective professional offering significant business knowledge across the fields of product development, product management, business development and marketing management. He is a generator of novel ideas who delivers on strategic objectives through innovative solutioning and the successful deployment of products and services. With the ability to cultivate significant synergies between stakeholders, cross-functional teams and profitable concepts, his outputs ensure delivery of business objectives and strategic goals.

16. How does Snap Marketing measure success?

Snap Marketing works with clients to create SMART goals that can be tracked and measured to ensure successful delivery of the predetermined objectives. Project management and marketing strategy review tools are employed to ensure adherence to agreed targets and goals when measuring success.

17. How can I contact Snap Marketing?

Snap Marketing can be contacted via email on It is also possible to speak to Wade Venter directly on +27 (0)83 307 3658.