About Us

Snap Marketing is a consultancy that offers small and medium companies professional support and assistance linked to all aspects of marketing and product management. Activities and interventions are aimed at making an immediate and positive impact to their bottom line.

The solutions that we build are delivered though the development and execution of relevant and applicable marketing strategies, products and services aimed at satisfying the needs of their identified target markets.

Our clients are assured of obtaining effective plans and tactical actions aimed at accomplishing their unique company objectives. These include customer acquisition, improved profitability or market expansion propositions that ensure that sustainable business advantages are achieved over their competitors.

In addition, Snap Marketing provides expert advice and assistance in the critical discipline of product management. As more organisations begin to recognise the value of implementing sound product management principles and frameworks to successively manage their products, the importance of this field cannot be undervalued.

Snap Marketing will present both theoretical and practical training to individuals and teams to maximise understanding of the concepts and principles linked to the entire product lifecycle.