Choose Snap to deliver your AIPMM Certified training

As the discipline of product management becomes critical in ever changing business environments, Snap Marketing provides focused theoretical and practical training to individuals and teams to maximise understanding of the concepts, principles, processes and other critical insights linked to the entire product management lifecycle.

With bespoke training courses aimed at addressing the needs of individuals, or your organisation’s entire product management team, knowledge and capability gaps are filled to ensure that graduates of the selected courses are equipped to fulfil their roles and responsibilities successfully.

In addition to this, Snap recognises the importance of post-course coaching and interventions to fully equip graduates to maximise learning outcomes and can provide bespoke support through coaching or consulting services.

Snap Marketing is an AIPMM Authorised Training Partner (AIPMM ATP). Our Trainers are skilled product management, brand management and marketing management practitioners who are highly experienced in their fields. They focus on both the theoretical and practical application of concepts taught, including elements linked to essential tools, frameworks and collaboration techniques.

The Optimal Product Process framework was created by the AIPMM and covers all the core product management skills, the full Product Lifecycle and current best practices.

AIPMM Certified Product Manager


AIPMM Certified Product Marketing Manager


Why should you obtain AIPMM Certification?

Obtaining AIPMM Certification demonstrates that you have truly mastered your product management profession and clearly understand both the strategic and the tactical functions of product marketing and management.

It is an investment in yourself and your professional career. AIPMM Certification supports you with proven methodologies and best practices to optimise your effectiveness and increase your value. Obtaining certification is an indication of your commitment to product management and marketing as a profession.

It improves your earning potential because employers value credentials. Obtaining an AIPMM Certification sets you apart by placing you as a leader in the product management and marketing community. It also allows you to be associated with AIPMM’s strong and long-standing reputation of integrity and excellence.

AIPMM Certifications are flexible and are not based on one specific methodology. Our certification spans all industries and is applicable across the entire product lifecycle.

AIPMM Certifications are internationally recognised and are easily transferable between industries, market segments and geographic locations. They can open the door to more opportunities for career advancement. Part of that marketability comes from the prestige of AIPMM Certifications, which has provided certifications for over 20 years. The AIPMM CPM and CPMM credentials were the first ones designed specifically for product managers and marketing managers.

It provides a mark of distinction that sets you apart from others and connects you with experts, thought leaders and AIPMM Certified peers. Earning an AIPMM Certification plugs you into a prestigious community of ongoing support.

AIPMM Certification keeps you relevant and up to date as the AIPMM frequently conducts comprehensive studies to verify that credentials mirror the most up-to-date best practices, skills and training you need to succeed. It also provides external validation of your expertise and increases your career mobility and options, even in the face of a challenging job market.

Why is an AIPMM Certified qualification recognised as the industry standard?

The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) is the world’s largest professional organisations of product managers, brand managers, product marketing managers and other individuals responsible for guiding their organisations and clients through a constantly changing business landscape. With members in over 65 countries, it is the worldwide certifying body of product practitioners with the following certification designations:

  • Certified Product Manager (CPM)
  • Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM)
  • Certified Innovation Leader (CIL) and
  • Certified Brand Manager (CBM)

A cornerstone of the AIPMM is the Product Management and Marketing Body of Knowledge which is the standard by which successful product management practices are implemented around the world.

AIPMM Certifications are the industry standard because they:

  • Cover practical and theoretical concepts, skills and terminology
  • Are a worldwide standard that is compliant with ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024:2012 which is the general requirements for bodies operating certification programs and the benchmark for quality
  • Are highly credible with the exam administered by the AIPMM as a neutral third party, which is independent of the training vendor
  • Show proficiency and skills that can be used across all industries
  • Set the standard with proven methods and processes drawing from a variety of best practices, frameworks and methodologies