Why you should choose the AIPMM Certification Programmes

Founded in 1998, the Association of International Product Marketing and Management is the world’s largest product marketing and management association, with thousands of members in over 65 countries. The AIPMM’s Certifications are ISO/ANSI compliant and are the most recognised and respected certifications available.

AIPMM Certifications are the industry standard because they:

  • Cover practical and theoretical concepts, skills and terminology
  • Are a worldwide standard that is compliant with ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024:2012, which are the general requirements for bodies operating certification programs and the benchmark for quality
  • Are highly credible with exams administered by the AIPMM as a neutral third party, independent of the training vendor
  • Show proficiency in skills that can be used in any across all industries
  • Set the standard with proven methods and processes drawing from a variety of best practices, frameworks and methodologies

Product marketing and management professionals benefit with AIPMM Certification by:

  • Increasing their product skill set, effectiveness and credibility
  • Differentiating themselves from their peers by proving professional knowledge and understanding
  • Demonstrating a deep understanding and knowledge of product marketing and management
  • Accelerating their product focused careers
  • Gaining authority within their company, with their peers, their executives and their teams

Obtaining AIPMM Certification shows that the individual has truly mastered their trade. It increases credibility and demonstrates dedication to the product management and marketing profession.